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Rule #

1 You must ally at end after games with clan members.
2 There will be punishment for racial or sexist words.
3 You must have ~WK~ tags on the front of your name while in the clan channel.
4 No bots allowed in channel unless permitted.
5 You must be a very active member on b-net to be in this clan.
6 If there will a leap of absence notify a leader.
7 No challenging other clans without permission of a leader.
8 No Recruiting members unless you are a recruiter. You are welcome to have them come to the channel to try out though.
9 No being in any other clans while in ~WK~ clan, penalty for this will be a immediate demotion and boot.
10 While in channel orders must be taken seriously from leaders, leaders look out for you. You must obey them.
11 No bringing real life incidents and stories into this clan. (No making a soap opera in other words)
12 In order to start war or ally with a clan a founder must approve before any action takes place.
13 No back stabbing in games or using map hacks.
14 Keep BGH maps with high minerals out of usage for the most part.
15 No banning any other members out of the channel or kicking them without a leaders or founders permission.
16 No spamming with chat names or bots, you will be hated for it. (No penalty for the first times)
17 Have fun and don't be a clan trouble maker.

All rules are to be taken seriously in this clan, if you are anything above a regular you will be demoted immediately for most of these violations. If you are a regular and violate any rules you will be banned immediately with demotion. If a Founder decides other words you will be banned for sure.