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September 23, 2000

    Sorry this page hasn't been updated in so long. I have been really busy with a ton of work every day and that makes this hard to get to. We have changed our clan tag to ]|wK|[~ and the members page is not completely  right yet. Because not all the members are on there and I don't have all there emails and ICQ#s so this will take a while to get all settled so ill try to get as much done in the time I have. 


August 26, 2000

    Yes I have left and come back from Oregon for those that just haven't seen me. I haven't updated much on the page because me and ~WK~NIMROD` are thinking of changing the ~WK~ tag to something else. To what is not decided yet. Right now there is a Clan Tourney coming up but we are laying rather dormant even now and after. The reason for us not doing much is because we plan to make a lot of friends and get them all to join at once that way the channel has more people in it at one time. This may take a while like most of you care. So just keep in touch and when the time comes we are going to get all the new members we want to join. No this does not mean WK is dead. We will still run like always but just with less people always in the channel. As this time comes you loyal members can stay with us till our new members arrive. Thank You!!


August 7, 2000

    I got back from Las Vegas now and I'm leaving again to Oregon the 9th. After that I will be free to do more with this clan. Right now I have been struggling to come up with new ideas for the site so if any members have any email me at I would appreciate it. I might add a guest book soon or something like that. I don't have much to say today so I'll talk to everyone later.


July 27, 2000

    Well the clan is going real good now. Once again I'm leaving. Tomorrow I'm going to Las Vegas and wont be back for about a week. ~WK~Nimrod` and ~WK~]-[ellz are setting up a inner clan tournament for fun. To get updates on the tournament go to tournament news and keep checking that. ~WK~Nimrod` should start updating that. Well I'll cya all later when I get back from Vegas.


July 16, 2000

    I just got back from Ventura and am glad to be back. For all the people that emailed me I will get back to you as soon as possible. I still haven't been able to get on battle net but I will try. From what I have heard the clan is going well and the split servers are gone. I think this will be kept up and the clan will do as expected. Till I am able to get on battle net I will continue to work on the site. Thanks