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Check if you can do the stuff below

Normally on our site this is the SC house page its where all new members go before they are definitely in the clan. We have another members page for the members that have been in our clan and have made it passed 3 weeks. This would be the editing zone for that page where u would edit the tables and things. When you click the delete the check box if should take them off the list. When you check the terminate and hit submit it puts the word terminated in the rank cell next to there name and they will be deleted in 3 days. But you could go back and unclick it and it would go back to saying M.I.P. When a recruiter adds a member it will auto put there email and ICQ# in the box where email and ICQ belong. But you should be able to change it in here. The email should create a Mailto: link that way they can just email the person from the site. In the other page where users are added. They will have to submit a date in which a member was recruited. The leaving date will add 21 days (3 weeks) to the joined date and when that day comes they will automatically be added to the ranks.html (members page) with that information and they will be added to one of the house pages. Also the date should be able to be changed if we want someone to stay back in this house for longer we can make that happen. If possible but I don't think it can be done it would be cool if the CGI could even out the distribution so that if one house had less members then the others the next user would go to that house. The house buttons are for overriding that system and having a user go to a specific house when the time comes. Next to there name it will say the house that there in on the members page. When the person goes from the this members page to the real one. If possible his small ~wk~ will turn big like this ~WK~ !! Now if you can do what it says above we would like you in our clan and this is one of the things we need someone to do. We will test you in the channel and if you can do this please tell me ~WK~SLAYER thanks!!


House of Leaders, Recruiters and New Members!!!

Name E-mail ICQ# Delete Terminate Leaving Date Going to House 


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