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Clan Members

Editing this page would not only effect the way this page looks but the way the others do also. Now if we could get this done if you deleted a member here if would delete them from the entrance page and the house that they were in and this page of course. If you changed there house it should take there name and information out of that house and put it in the house u have chosen. If you change there Email, ICQ#, or there name it should automatically change it on the house page that there in. The Email should be a Mailto: link when u go back to it in the real page. The last thing is if you change a person who might be at the bottom of the list from a member to maybe a 2nd it should automatically position there name towards the top with the other 2nds.  Also there are 3 houses in the drop down list that we don't have yet but we are thinking about adding so if u decide to do this u can add those since the will exist soon. Thanks.

The order in which the would be placed is.

2nd Command

Thanks and also we do have more members on this list. This is just supposed to show u what we would like to have done. Thanks

Name E-Mail ICQ# Rank House Delete